Perpetual Care Cemetery

In addition to funeral arrangements and the other services that are offered for you or your loved one's final wishes, Maher's Funeral Home also has a privately owned cemetery.

The Dermot McGettigan Memorial Cemetery serves all faiths, and is located in a beautiful area in South East, Placentia. The grounds are professionally maintained and the perpetual care we offer has proven to be invaluable to those who have loved ones resting at this facility.

Annual Cemetery Service

Every year a memorial cemetery service is held at the beginning of the summer, where all families, friends, and loved ones of those resting there are welcomed. Please join in remembrance and help plant an annual memorial garden.

Father Dermot McGettigan

The Dermot McGettigan Memorial Cemetery was named after a beloved Priest, who served in the priesthood for over 25 years. Father Derm served his final years in the Placentia area. He was there for a little over three years, all the while winning the hearts of the residents in the Placentia area.

He was an active, jolly, intelligent, personable man, who made friends and an everlasting impression with many different people. From playing softball to caring for the sick, to sharing a joke on a rainy afternoon, his presence filled hearts and made him unforgettable.

At the time of his sudden passing in 1993, Maher's Funeral Home was preparing the first privately owned perpetual care cemetery in the province. The decision was made to use the cemetery to memorialize a man who had made such an impact in the community, and will serve as a constant reminder of what the space represents.

The Dermot McGettigan Memorial Cemetery is a cherished, peaceful place that treats every one and every family with dignity and respect. It memorializes the beauty of life that is shared by us all, and gives loved ones a magnificent place to visit, to remember, and to honour those who rest there.

Reserving Family Plots

Individual and family plots can be reserved at any time. Please call Maher's Funeral Home for more information on the type of services that are offered, as well as the affordable cost and payment options associated with the purchase of a plot.