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Placentia Health Center is offering an eight-session information and support program for people who are grieving the death of a loved one.  The program will be offered through March and April.  It will use the resources developed and distributed by the Pastoral Care and Ethics Department of Eastern Health.  

For more information or to register for the group you can contact

Bobbi Power Ryan

Pastor Marion Randell

In addition to funeral arrangements and the other services that we offer for you or your loved one's final wishes, Maher's Funeral Home also has a privately owned cemetery.

The Dermot McGettigan Memorial Cemetery serves all faiths, and is located in a beautiful area in South East, Placentia. The grounds are professionally maintained and the perpetual care we offer has proven to be invaluable to those who have loved ones resting at this facility.

Every year we hold a cemetery service to which all families, friends and loved ones of those resting here are invited. Please join us in remembrance and help plant an annual memorial garden.