Funeral Prearrangement

The prearranged funeral is an opportunity to carefully plan for an orderly conclusion of life. It is not a difficult or complicated task and it can give one peace of mind. It can eliminate some of the undesired stress which can accompany a death.

Prearrangement is a practical way of determining an individual's wishes for a funeral in advance.  The prearranged funeral provides the opportunity to decide the type of services preferred and outlines instructions for final arrangements.  It will also serve as a guide for family and friends.  This foresight can be invaluable in a time of stress and will give you and your family the opportunity to make decisions together to meet everyone's needs.

It should be noted that any type of funeral can be prearranged and this can be done at the funeral home or in the convenience of your own home, if you prefer.

We at Maher's Funeral Home are here to help in any way possible and look forward to any questions you may have about prearranged funerals or any other matter of concern.

To set up a prearrangement consultation at a time that works for you, please contact us.